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TEDxDanubia 2011 - Negative Variete April 12, 2011

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Tribute to Bauhaus-artist László Moholy-Nagy. - - - Negative Varieté is a silhouette performance, which blurs the boundaries between fine art, dance, photography and film, was based on a forgotten screenplay by László Moholy-Nagy, The Dynamics of the Big City written in 1922, the same year Moholy started making photograms. Director Viktória Szépvölgyi composed the Negative Varieté as an experiment with light using the same techniques of experimenting with shadows and silhouettes. The work's premiere was followed and recorded with great interest by Reuters news agency among others. Passport to the Bauhaus, in the enchanted language of 8 bodies!


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TEDxDanubia 2011 - Negative Variete- April 12, 2011

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