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TEDxPannonia - Wolfgang Göllner & Péter Kóczán December 21, 2011

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Wolfgang Göllner is an experienced violinist. He studied music and performing arts in Vienna and made his diploma at the Royal Music College in London. After 10 years in the Orchestra of the Vienna state opera and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, he started his solo-career.

Péter Kóczán studied at the Franz Liszt music academy in Budapest and also at the university oft music and performing arts in Vienna, where he was teached by Thomas Karuska and Siegfried Führlinger. He was member of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gyór and also played in the Orkestra Nazzjonali Principal Viola in Malta and the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Since 2005 he works together with Wolfgang Göllner within the Wespa-quartet.


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TEDxPannonia - Wolfgang Göllner & Péter Kóczán- December 21, 2011

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