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Green@Google: Stewart Brand March 18, 2010

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Stewart Brand, an icon of the environmental movement, outlines a provocative approach for reclaiming our planet. In his latest book, Brand proposes solutions for three profound transformations which are underway right now: climate change, urbanization and biotechnology.

In 1966 he campaigned to have NASA release the then-rumored satellite image of the entire Earth as seen from space. He founded the CoEvolution Quarterly in 1974 which became The Whole Earth Catalog - the bible of the 70's "back to the land" movement. In CoEvolution Quarterly #4, he published a transcription of technology historian Lewis Mumford?s talk ?The Next Transformation of Man,? containing the statement: "... man has still within him sufficient resources to alter the direction of modern civilization, for we then need no longer regard man as the passive victim of his own irreversible technological development."

Brand is one of the founders of the WELL with Larry Brilliant, the Global Business Network and the Long Now Foundation. He lives on a houseboat with his wife, Ryan Phelan, in Sausalito harbor.


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Green@Google: Stewart Brand- March 18, 2010

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