Robert Menzies: Women in War

February 20, 1942 (over 78 years ago)

Then Prime Minister Robert Menzies exhorts the Australian people to cast aside, once and for all and in the name of victory, the notion that women ought to perform only genteel tasks

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Clemens von Galen: The First Sermon: We Demand Justice

July 13, 1941 (almost 79 years ago)

The transcript below is an English translation of a sermon delivered one Sunday morning at the Church of St. Lambert in Munster, Germany. Though it was the height of Nazi power in Germany, Bishop Clemen von Galen boldly and openly comdemned the Gestapo's tyranny and the arrests that were being ma...

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Clemens von Galen: The Second Sermon

July 20, 1941 (almost 79 years ago)

Bishop Clemens von Galen continues his open rebuke of Gestapo rule and Nazi philosophy, and exhorts his parish to remain steadfast in obeying the Lord, unretaliating yet unyielding.

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Clemens von Galen: The Third Sermon

August 3, 1941 (almost 79 years ago)

In this sermon, Bishop von Galen attacks the state's practice of euthanasia and condemns the Nazi doctrine that permits the murder of individuals deemed "unproductive' and of no use to the state.

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Eleanor Roosevelt: Pan American Coffee Bureau Series, Program # 11

December 7, 1941 (over 78 years ago)

Deviating from the script she had prepared for that week's broadcast, U.S. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt proceeds to address the nation regarding the Pearl Harbor attack, becoming the first public figure to do so.

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Eleanor Roosevelt: Speech on V-J Day

August 18, 1945 (almost 75 years ago)

Eleanor Roosevelt expresses a myriad of emotions as she addresses the nation on Victory over Japan Day - sorrow for the casualties of war, gratitude for the dawning of peace, and a kind of fearful awe of the technology that had brought it all about.

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