Lyndon B. Johnson: Address After Ordering Federal Troops to Detroit, Michigan

July 24, 1967 (about 48 years ago)

President Johnson calls on the nation to refuse tolerating violence and crime in all areas right after he deploys federal troops to Detroit to maintain the peace that has been disrupted by pillaging, looting and murder.

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John F. Kennedy: Address on Civil Rights

June 11, 1963 (about 52 years ago)

In John F. Kennedy's Address on Civil Rights, he talks about equality for every American. In response to African-American students needing military protection at the University of Alabama, he appeals to the American conscience and describes the current situation as a moral issue. He states that t...

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Source: NARA

George H.W. Bush: Address to the Nation on the Budget

October 2, 1990 (almost 25 years ago)

In President George H. W. Bush's Address to the Nation on the Budget, he appeals for support for the deficit budget agreement. President Bush talks about how the federal budget deficit has been undermining the economy. He describes the immediacy of the problem at hand and promotes the deficit bud...

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Lyndon B. Johnson: Remarks on the Creation of the Department of Transportation

October 15, 1966 (almost 49 years ago)

President Lyndon Johnson announces a new Cabinet department that will solely direct its efforts to improving transportation through technology, in providing safer means of travel and in resolving current and potential transportation problems.

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Lyndon B. Johnson: Remarks on the Signing of the Voting Rights Act

August 6, 1965 (almost 50 years ago)

In signing the Voting Rights Act, President Johnson gives a speech on the voting rights of every American, whether black or white, and the duty of each one to recognize the truth and the just.

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Bill Clinton: Victims Rights Announcement

June 25, 1996 (about 19 years ago)

Victims' right to participate in his or her case's trial hearing is acknowledged by President Bill Clinton in his plan to ammend the constitution to give victim's rights a fair consideration during a trial.

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Bill Clinton: Address to the People and Relief Workers of Grand Forks, ND

April 22, 1997 (over 18 years ago)

President Bill Clinton speaks words of encouragement, praise and thanks to the people who brought relief to Grand Forks after a flood that devastated the area.

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Bill Clinton: Remarks to the Congregation of St. Paul's AME Church

November 3, 1996 (over 18 years ago)

On the eve of the 1996 election, President Clinton addresses a congregation of supporters, emphasizing the need to vote and the work still to be done.

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George W. Bush: Remarks on Signing the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act

June 7, 2001 (about 14 years ago)

In George W. Bush's Remarks on Signing the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act, he brings about the third across the board tax relief since World War II. He talks about how this is an achievement for the American family and for the administration. He also tells us about the impact o...

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Bill Clinton: Address on Health Care Reform

September 22, 1993 (almost 22 years ago)

President Clinton takes aim at America's healthcare problems, with with the hope that instilling American virtues into the system will benefit all Americans.

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