Rodney King: Rodney King Speaks

May 1, 1992 (over 23 years ago)

Rodney King speaks to the public for the first time after the acquittal of police involved in his traffic stop beating through Los Angeles into multi-day riots. He appeals to citizens to stop the violence and work out their differences peacefully.

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Source: CNN

Martin Luther King Jr.: Eulogy for the Martyred Children (Eulogy for the Young Victims)

September 18, 1963 (about 52 years ago)

Martin Luther King delivers a eulogy in memory of the four girls who died from the bombing of 16th Street Baptist Church.

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Source: The King Center

Martin Luther King Jr.: Why I am Opposed to the War in Vietnam

April 30, 1967 (over 48 years ago)

Martin Luther King expresses deep concern for the American people and the government with its use of aggression and violence in resolving conflicts. His love for the America, its people and the people that God entrusted us to love, made King speak of his disappointment in the US government upon w...

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Malcolm X: Letter from Mecca

April 20, 1964 (over 51 years ago)

In this letter, Malcolm X describes his pilgrimage to Mecca and how it has affected him greatly. He describes a sense of true brotherhood by virtue of Islam and thus expresses hope that all is not lost for White America.

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Malcolm X: Letter to Betty from Mecca

April 20, 1964 (over 51 years ago)

In this letter, Malcolm X reaffirms the great changes in his life brought about by his pilgrimage to Mecca. His experiences have given him new insight to true brotherhood as brought about by Islam.

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Malcolm X: Message to the Grass Roots

November 10, 1963 (about 52 years ago)

"Message to the Grass Roots" is an urgent call to action. Malcom X speaks here more as a leader of the Black masses than a Muslim minister. He proclaimed the difference between the Black Revolution and the Negro Revolution and he showed how the House Negro and the Field Negro appears in current s...

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Malcolm X: God's Judgement of White America (The Chickens Come Home to Roost)

December 4, 1963 (almost 52 years ago)

"God's Judgement of White America" was also known as "The Chickens Come Home to Roost", this was due to Malcolm x's answer to a question following the speech. In this speech, Malcolm X gives a dire warning of doom to White America. He identifies the two White political entities and defines their ...

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Malcolm X: Interview with Milton Henry

January 1, 1964 (almost 52 years ago)

In this interview, Malcolm X discusses the OAAU's OAU Memorandum which he presented in the conference at Cairo before the independent African States. He expresses a positive opinion that the first steps towards internationalizing the American Negro's plight has been successful.

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Martin Luther King Jr.: I See the Promised Land (I've Been to the Mountaintop)

April 3, 1968 (over 47 years ago)

Martin Luther King's last speech popularly known as "I See the Promised Land" or "I've Been to the Mountaintop" is an inspirational public speech that focuses on peaceful revolution and the inevitability of Negro freedom even without his presence.

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Source: The King Center

Martin Luther King Jr.: The Drum Major Instinct

February 4, 1968 (almost 48 years ago)

The sermon about the Drum Major Instinct tells the people to harness the egoistic side of the human personality and live instead a life of humility and of service to others.

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Source: The King Center

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