Martin Luther King Jr.: I Have a Dream

August 28, 1963 (over 56 years ago)

Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream speech is considered one of the most powerful speeches of all time. Though it speaks about peace, it is in itself a revolution that will start unbinding the chains from the Negro and free his people from slavery and discrimination.

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Source: The King Center

Malcolm X: Interview with Bernice Bass

December 27, 1964 (over 55 years ago)

In this interview, Malcolm X talks about his experiences travelling to the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. He describes their progress, economy, and the current society they have. He also discusses the unity of the Black people and the disunity that is caused by external forces.

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Martin Luther King Jr.: The Three Dimensions of a Complete Life

April 9, 1967 (almost 53 years ago)

Martin Luther King talks about the completeness of life in terms of length, breadth and depth as the perfection of God's kingdom in the day of Jesus' return.

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Source: The King Center

Martin Luther King Jr.: Give Us the Ballot

May 17, 1957 (almost 63 years ago)

The "Give Us the Ballot" speech delivered by Martin Luther King at the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom is a fervent request from the Negro population to be given voting rights by the US governement. It encourages the Negro people to live in faith and pray for leadership for the sake of justice and ...

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Source: The King Center

Martin Luther King Jr.: Speech at the Great March on Detroit

June 23, 1963 (almost 57 years ago)

During the Great March on Detroit, Martin Luther Kings speaks about how the Negroes have started to change the way they think about themselves. As they hold on to their new-found sense of dignity and pride, Martin Luther King expresses his dreams about freedom and equality among the white and bla...

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Source: The King Center

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