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- -: Thomas Thwaites: How I built a toaster -- from scratch

January 14, 2011 (over 12 years ago)

http://www.ted.com It takes an entire civilization to build a toaster. Designer Thomas Thwaites found out the hard way, by attempting to build one from scratch: mining ore for steel, deriving plastic from oil ... it's frankly amazing he got as far as he got. A parable of our interconnected societ...

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- -: Thomas Thwaites: How I Built a Toaster

November 2, 2011 (over 11 years ago)

In a coup d'etat of DIY, designer Thwaites set about building a toaster from scratch. And we mean scratch. Thwaites reverse engineered a seven dollar toaster into 400 separate parts and then set about recreating steel from iron ore rocks, plastic from microwaved potatoes and copper from homemade ...

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Thomas Thwaites: How I Built a Toaster - From Scratch

November 1, 2010 (over 12 years ago)

In this amusing talk, designer Thomas Thwaites tells us how he built a toaster from scratch. He narrates how he came up with the Toaster project and the various challenges he had in trying to make this product. He demonstrates how difficult it is to literally produce one of the simplest gadgets t...

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