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- -: TEDx Alva Park DONALD MARINELLI Re-Imagining Futurism for the 21st Century

December 4, 2011 (over 11 years ago)

DONALD MARINELLI Professor, Drama and Arts Management at Carnegie Mellon University Donald Marinelli is a tenured Professor of Drama and Arts Management at Carnegie Mellon University and is also the Executive Producer of the Entertainment Technology Center. Dr. Marinelli was integral in the creat...

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- -: A Preview of Alice 3.0, Introductory Programming in 3D

December 13, 2007 (over 15 years ago)

Google Tech Talks December, 12 2007 ABSTRACT The mission of the Alice project is to increase and sustain the pipeline of computer science graduates, essential to the growth of technology in a global economy. Alice is an innovative 3D programming environment for building animations in the form ...

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- -: TEDx Alva Park JEFF ZASLOW / Finding Empowerment in Life Transitions

November 17, 2011 (over 11 years ago)

Author Through his Wall Street Journal column and bestselling books, Jeffrey Zaslow has told the stories of some of the most inspirational people of our time. The Last Lecture, written with Randy Pausch, has been translated into 48 languages, and was #1 on best-seller lists worldwide. Five millio...

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Randy Pausch: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

September 18, 2007 (over 15 years ago)

In this wonderful talk, Professor Randy Pausch tells us about fulfilling childhood dreams and living life. He narrates his childhood dreams and explains how he got to making them come true. He talks about his project that helped countless students to never give up trying to reach for their dreams...

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