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- -: Neil deGrasse Tyson: Be Yourself

November 14, 2012 (over 10 years ago)

Neil deGrasse Tyson says "the greatest of people that have ever been in society, they were never versions of someone else. They were themselves." Transcript-- I've had several people come up to me and say, "What can I do to be you?" And the only aspect of me that's really doable is I can tell y...

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- -: Bay Area Discrete Math Day XII: Hierarchial Dirichlet...

October 9, 2007 (over 15 years ago)

Google TechTalks Bay Area Discrete Math Day XII April 15, 2006 Michael Jordan (UC Berkeley) ABSTRACT A Dirichlet process (DP) is a random probability measure that concentrates on discrete measures. It has interesting and well-explored connections to various topics in combinatorics and probabili...

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- -: Bayesian nonparametrics in document and language modeling

September 3, 2008 (almost 15 years ago)

Google Tech Talks August 28, 2008 ABSTRACT Bayesian nonparametric models have garnered significant attention in recent years in both the machine learning and statistics communities. These are highly flexible models whose complexity grows with the amount of data, and are nice approaches to addre...

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- -: Charlie Rose: March 10, 1995

August 26, 2007 (almost 16 years ago)

First, a conversation with Cynthia McFadden, ABC News legal correspondent, Jack Ford, NBC News legal correspondent, Gerald Lefcourt, criminal defense attorney, and Bob Greene of the "Chicago Tribune" about the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Then, a discussion with Dave Checketts, president of Madiso...

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Dennis Rodman: Dennis Rodman's Hall of Fame Speech

August 14, 2011 (almost 12 years ago)

Dennis Rodman makes an emotional speech at his induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame in front of colleagues, friends and family.

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Thomas Friedman: Listen to Your Heart

June 5, 2005 (about 18 years ago)

Thomas L. Friedman shares with the Williams College class of 2005 a few simple life lessons he learned while treading the path of a journalist through the years.

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Mark Zuckerberg: The Face Behind Facebook

January 13, 2008 (over 15 years ago)

Mark Zuckerberg goes on an interview with Lesley Stahl about Facebook and its controversial competition with Google. With a few other people showcased in the interviewed, the face behind Facebook is slowly revealed to the public.

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Source: CBS News

Ray Lewis: Elon Football Team Pregame Speech

April 16, 2011 (about 12 years ago)

Ray Lewis delivers an epic pregame speech to the Elon football team complete with dramatic thunder. He encourages them to be thankful for their God-given gifts and inspires them to keep mastering their craft every day through a strong work ethic for their own success and God's glory.

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Source: Ray Lewis

Michael Jordan: Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame Speech

December 1, 2007 (over 15 years ago)

Legendary basketball player Michael Jordan speaks at his induction to the Basketball Hall of Fame. He speaks to the influences in his career and the source of his competitive spirit. He jokes and jabs with colleagues and competitors and closes with a focus on his love of the game and the pursui...

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Barack Obama: National Address to America's Schoolchildren

September 8, 2009 (over 13 years ago)

President Barack Obama speaks to the students at the first day of class to encourage them to discover their true potential and work hard to make America proud.

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Source: The White House

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