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John C. Calhoun: The Clay Compromise Measures

March 4, 1850 (over 173 years ago)

John C. Calhoun shares his thoughts and opinions about the issue on slavery that ultimately may result to the disunion of the northern and southern parts of the United States.

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Daniel Webster: The Seventh of March Speech

March 7, 1850 (over 173 years ago)

In the midst of the northern states' opposition to southern slavery, Daniel Webster speask to the congress about how peaceful secession is not the answer to the concern on slavery. divding the union will merely result in war and in more tightly-bound slaves.

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Source: Dartmouth

John F. Kennedy: Yale University Commencement

June 11, 1962 (almost 61 years ago)

In John F. Kennedy's Yale University Commencement speech, he emphasizes the need to separate false problems from real ones. He talks about the myths and realities in the national economy. He discusses illusions about the size of government, fiscal policy, and confidence in America. He sums it up ...

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Source: NARA

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