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- -: LCV Cities Tour - Little Rock: General Douglas MacArthur

March 30, 2012 (about 11 years ago)

Go to the place where General Douglas MacArthur was born to learn about his family's background, his birth in this building in Arkansas, an exhibit here on his firing by President Truman, and an address to the people of Little Rock on a return trip to his birthplace later in his career.

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Douglas MacArthur: Farewell Address to Congress

April 19, 1951 (about 72 years ago)

General Douglas MacArthur faces Congress after being relieved of his command due to his public expression of disagreement with the foreign policy of the United States. He defends his position on the Korean War and reiterates a portion of the very statement for which he was dismissed.

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Douglas MacArthur: Duty, Honor, Country

May 12, 1962 (about 61 years ago)

In his acceptance speech of the Sylvanus Thayer Award, General Douglas MacArthur talks about these three words he has lived by and concludes by reminding the cadets at West Point of the ultimate mission they are conscripted to.

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Ronald Reagan: State of the Union Address 1982

January 26, 1982 (over 41 years ago)

In Ronald Reagan's 1982 State of the Union Address, he assures us that the American Government is taking the right steps towards a better future. He begins by giving a brief history of the State of the Union Address and proceeds with a progress report on the economy. He explains the economic reco...

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