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- -: Damon Horowitz calls for a "moral operating system"

June 6, 2011 (about 12 years ago)

http://www.ted.com At TEDxSiliconValley, Damon Horowitz reviews the enormous new powers that technology gives us: to know more -- and more about each other -- than ever before. Drawing the audience into a philosophical discussion, Horowitz invites us to pay new attention to the basic philosophy -...

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- -: 2010 Google Faculty Summit: The Anatomy of a Large Scale Social Search Engine

August 3, 2010 (almost 13 years ago)

Google Faculty Summit 2010 July 30, 2010 ABSTRACT Presented by Damon Horowitz. As our thinking about the web evolves from being document-centric to being people-centric, our thinking about search must evolve as well. It is no longer sufficient to organize and access the world's online informat...

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- -: Damon Horowitz: Philosophy in prison

November 28, 2011 (over 11 years ago)

http://www.ted.com Damon Horowitz teaches philosophy through the Prison University Project, bringing college-level classes to inmates of San Quentin State Prison. In this powerful short talk, he tells the story of an encounter with right and wrong that quickly gets personal. TEDTalks is a daily ...

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Damon Horowitz: Calling for a "Moral Operating System"

May 1, 2011 (about 12 years ago)

Damon Horowitz deems is imprtant to come up with a moral operating system after the thousands of years of debate about ethics and the truth.

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