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Neal Stephenson Reads "Anathem" November 14, 2008

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Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2008/09/09/Sci-Fi_Novelist_Neal_Stephenson_Anathem_Launch_Event

Acclaimed science-fiction author Neal Stephenson reads the introductory chapter from his book, "Anathem."


What if we lived in a world where the long-term was taken seriously?

At an event hosted by the Long Now Foundation, science fiction author Neal Stephenson reads from his latest novel ANATHEM. Afterwards he participates in a conversation with Stewart Brand and Danny Hillis.

Neal Stephenson is the best-selling author of such novels as Snow Crash, The Diamond Age, Cryptonomicon, and The Baroque Cycle. He is best know for writing science fiction (in the postcyberpunk genre) and his interests often lead him into investigations of society, mathematics, cryptology, currency and the history of science. Anathem is his latest novel.


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Neal Stephenson Reads "Anathem"- November 14, 2008

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