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Is the Wall Street Journal 'Paywall' Bad for Online News? December 11, 2009

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Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2009/11/19/Paley_Center_IC2009_-The_Future_of_News_Worldwide

Les Hinton, CEO of Dow Jones & Company, discusses the profitability of The Wall Street Journal's combination of free and subscription-only content. He argues that while the model has been successful, the future market lies in e-book readers like Amazon's Kindle.


The Paley Center for Media's International Council 2009 NYC brought together the industry's top innovators from across the globe for the most talked about media event of 2009.

From newspapers to magazines to television, the traditional media business model is under siege. Can creating quality news content still be a sustainable business in the global digital economy?

This session features Tony Burman (Managing Director, Al-Jazeera English), Les Hinton (CEO, Dow Jones), Jon Klein (President, CNN/US), Christine Ockrent (Journalist and CEO, Audiovisuel Extérieur de la France), and Prannoy Roy (President and Managing Director, NDTV). David Carr (Columnist, The New York Times) moderates.

Les Hinton is a British-born American businessman. He was appointed CEO of Dow Jones & Company in December 2007, after its acquisition by News Corporation. Hinton became a United States citizen in 1986.

He has worked for News Corp for more than 48 years as a journalist and executive in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. In 1976, he moved from London to New York as a foreign correspondent for the groups newspapers in Britain and Australia. After several executive positions, he was appointed President of Murdoch Magazines in 1990, two years later becoming President and Chief Executive Officer of News America Publishing, responsible for the companys US publishing operations. In 1993, he was appointed Chairman and CEO of Fox Television Stations, returning to London in 1995 as Executive Chairman of News Corp subsidiary News International Limited, Britains largest national newspaper publisher.


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Is the Wall Street Journal 'Paywall' Bad for Online News?- December 11, 2009

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