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Is Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" Good for Democracy? February 20, 2010

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Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2010/02/12/Reaching_the_Audience_in_a_Fragmented_Media_Landscape

Journalists Rachel Davis Mersey and Ted Anthony defend "The Daily Show" from NPR's Ira Glass, who argues that the program, while good satire, is a poor substitute for actual, in-depth news coverage.


Gone are the days when the Brahmins of the news industry dictate what the audience should know.

What does the journalist of the 21st century have to know about listening to the crowd? And how can he or she break through the information overload to reach the public? - Paley Center for Media

Rachel Davis Mersey is an assistant professor of journalism at the Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. The consistent focus of her work is on the craft of journalism. She is intrigued, in particular, by journalism's impact on sense of community, civic participation, and social capital.

Ted Anthony is Assistant Managing Editor for The Associated Press. He is a veteran journalist, news manager and multimedia content manager who has reported from more than 20 countries and extensively covered post-9/11 conflicts in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. He is a leader and participant in AP strategic projects designed to promote innovative storytelling, develop AP's newsgathering capabilities in social media and align news efforts with new product opportunities.


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Is Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" Good for Democracy?- February 20, 2010

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