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The Birth of the Long Now Foundation - Brian Eno March 4, 2010

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Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2010/02/01/Long-Term_Thinking_in_the_Next_10000_Years

Composer Brian Eno recalls how he and Stewart Brand joined up to co-found The Long Now Foundation. Eno says his interest in long-term thinking was sparked by moving to a dysfunctional New York in 1978, where city dwellers were stuck in the "short now."


Long Finance is an initiative begun in 2007 to establish a World Centre Of Thinking On Long-Term Finance. The initiative began with a question - ­"When would we know our financial system is working?" - which challenges a system that can't provide today's 20-year-olds with a reliable financial retirement structure. The aim of the Long Finance Institute is "to improve society's understanding and use of finance over the long-term."

The research project proposals range from theory versus practice or fiscal versus monetary to sustainability versus robustness. The iconic project for Long Finance is the Eternal Coin, with the objective of starting a global debate about society's values over the long-term.

This is the second event that Gresham College has co-hosted, where learning from the sister Long Now organization and its 10,000 Year Clock Project. - Gresham College

Brian Eno is a musician, composer and producer of audio and visual landscapes. Eno's synthesizer work and electronic manipulation of audio textures was first featured during the early 1970's as a founding member of Roxy Music. His solo and collaborative musical compositions with John Cale, Robert Fripp and David Bowie have been in circulation world-wide over the last 25 years.

Eno has produced records for numerous artists including U2, David Bowie, Jane Siberry and performance artist Laurie Anderson, executive produced the "Help" benefit album, and performed with Pavarotti, Bono and The Edge at 1995's Modena Festival to benefit the War Child charitable organization.


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The Birth of the Long Now Foundation - Brian Eno- March 4, 2010

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