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TEDxYouth@TheNile - Farida Ezzat "Become Alive" February 14, 2012

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x = independently organized TED eventFarida Ezzat a young thinker, encourages us to "Be [alive]. All it takes is the Idea and your print."


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Courtesy of TEDx

Siegfried Woldhek: Siegfried Woldhek Shows How He Found the True Face of Leonardo

February 1, 2008 (over 12 years ago)

Prolific illustrator Siegfried Woldhek shares how he discovered the face of the great Leonardo da Vinci.

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Source: TED

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TEDxYouth@TheNile - Farida Ezzat "Become Alive"- February 14, 2012

- Farida Ezzat
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