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TEDxKRP - Gerard Rego - Aggregating small farmers to create sustainable communities globally April 28, 2011

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"It is not Mass Production, but Production by the Masses" ~ Mahatma Gandhi

As an Indian company and social entrepreneurs, we founded VayuGrid as a for-profit to enable "Aggregating small farmers globally to create Sustainable Communities".

Our Mission to is reach "Partner with 1 million small farmer communities and valuechains over the next 10 years around non-edible oilseeds, Derivatives & Adjacencies".

With this vision and mission in mind VayuGrid established a business model of being a "Social-Network based Valuechain Community Aggregator and Marketplace Maker"

Our focus is to enable smallholder become generate sustainable livelihoods through;
1. Sustainable agricultural Productivity
2. Access to Markets for agricultural products and derivatives
3. Access to critical products and services for communities

This model enables our ecosystem to be Sustainable (Socially, Environmentally & Economically) and Replicable over the long term, while mitigating risks and greed.

"Take it to the Farmer" is very timely and I hope it will successfully draw attention to the plight of 400 million of the World's farms that are less than two hectares. I hope at the end of these two days we will reaffirm our commitment to placing the smallholder farmer at the centre of the development process. I also hope we will use this occasion to finally bring closure to the perennial debate on the viability of small farm agriculture"


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TEDxKRP - Gerard Rego - Aggregating small farmers to create sustainable communities globally- April 28, 2011

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