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Kevin the Valedictorian August 2, 1989

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Gil Buckman dayreams of a 21-year old Kevin honorinf him in his college valedictorain speech. College Kevin is played by Paul Keeley in the comedy film about family, Parenthood.


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COLLEGE DEAN: And now, it's my great pleasure to introduce our valedictorian Kevin Buckman.

COLLEGE KEVIN: Thank you. When I was 9 years old, I had kind of a rough time. A lot of people thought I was pretty mixed up. But there was one person who got me through it. He did everything right. And thanks to him today, well I'm the happiest, most confident and most well adjusted person in this world. Dad, I love you. You're the greatest.

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Kevin the Valedictorian- August 2, 1989

- Kevin Buckman
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