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Supercharged Grenade Launcher of Love December 18, 1992

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Jonas Nightengale (Steve Martin) delivers a powerful speech about faith and love for Jesus Christ in his tent meeting in the movie, LEap of Faith.


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JONAS: A Thomas lived on 5th Avenue, views the Central Park even from the bathroom, beautiful wife, two sweet kids, his life was a mess. And you know why? Because of the fear. Afraid his business would fail, afraid his children would fall victim to foul play, afraid his hair would fall out and his wife would stop loving him, Afraid of death. But death's a breeze. Ever heard anyone coming back to complain? No. Life, that'll kill you.

WOMAN: Hey, Matt, give the people a wakeup call.

JONAS: ... and Thomas was a prisoner of fear. He got himself a lawyer for his business, a guard for his babies, a two-thousand dollar hair piece and a world class doctor. But was Tom happy?

MAN: No.

JONAS: Yeah, no. Because when Thomas finally came to me, he still had the fear. And the fear is bigger than lawyers and doctors. The fear is bigger than money or real estate. There's only one thing bigger than the fear, my friend, only one thing. And that one thing is faith. Faith that the universe will need his skill. Faith that his wife's gonna love what's in his soul, not what's in his head. Faith that his children will be protected not bombed by a man with a 357-Magnum but by the man with the twelve gauge supercharged launcher of love. And that man, brothers and sisters, that one man is one man and one man only. That man is Jesus Christ. And of you wanna feel happy, all you gotta do... If you wanna feel loved, all you gotta do... If you wann feel safe, if you wanna feel strong, if you wanna walk tall, all you gotta do, all you gotta do, all you gotta do, is get saved.

We thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus!

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Supercharged Grenade Launcher of Love- December 18, 1992

- Jonas Nightengale
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