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Hue Jackson's Speech Post-game with the Oakland Raiders October 9, 2011

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Oakland Raiders coach Hue Jackson gives a heart-felt post-game speech in the locker room invoking the power and legacy of the late Al Davis.


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Listen up guys, listen up, listen up, listen up. Now this has been a harder 24 hours than I've let on to you guys. Losing that man, hurt me more than you know.

But you know what? Just like I told you, I know he loves you guys. Just like he loves his coaching staff and this organization. And that man - that was a helluva job by you Michael Huff. But I tell you this - Al Davis had his hands on that ball. Al Davis had his hand on that ball.

Please listen to me - you gotta trust me, you gotta just keep playing. And that's what we did. It didn't go right. There just so many things that didn't go right, but you know what you men did? You kept fighting. Because you know what? That's what that man would want you to do. That's what Raiders do. That's what Raiders do.

It ain't always going to be pretty. I never told you it wouldn't be hard and I never told you it would be pretty, but you know what? There's nothing like winning. Nothing like winning. You guys deserve it, man. You busted your ass. You have victory ... Because you guys have earned it.

But listen to me when I tell you this - listen, listen. We gotta come back with more resolve and more effort than what we had this game. Everybody got me? But we kept playing. We kept playing. That's what we're really all about man. That's what Raiders do. We got some work to do, but you know what? Everybody else does too. Last time I checked we're 3-in-2 and we're heading home and we've got 3 at home. The next one's gonna be Cleveland, 'kay? And we gotta get ready man. Let's get better and let's get ready. Here we go, let's give thanks.

CROWD: Great win fellas, great win baby.

HUE: Again guys, just a moment of silence, just a moment of silence. Al, we love you. We know that you're watching over this team. We love you. And we're gonna keep playing. We're gonna keep playing like Raiders for you. We're gonna keep honoring this man all year for all that he's done for us because he's touched every last one of us.

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Hue Jackson's Speech Post-game with the Oakland Raiders- October 9, 2011

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