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Statement by Former President Mandela on the death of Mrs Betsie Verwoerd February 29, 2000

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In this statement, Nelson Mandela expresses his sadness at the death of Mrs. Betsie Verwoerd.


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While I am still in the United Arab Emirates, I have learnt with sadness about the death of Mrs Betsie Verwoerd.

During my term in Office I met Mrs Verwoerd, which was part of a series of meetings with wives of political leaders of both the Apartheid regime and leaders of the Liberation struggle. Mrs Verwoerd, Mrs Luthuli and Mrs Sobukwe were unable to travel to Pretoria to my then official residence Mahlamba Ndlopfu, because of health reasons and since they showed interest in our meeting I arranged to travel to their respective residences to meet with them. I recall a very warm reception from all of them. I was impressed with Mrs Verwoerd's pure Afrikaner hospitality. She and her husband are part of South Africa's history even though we sharply condemned their policies.

My thoughts are with her family during this period. N R MAN DELA

Courtesy of Nelson Mandela Foundation

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Statement by Former President Mandela on the death of Mrs Betsie Verwoerd- February 29, 2000

- Nelson Mandela
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