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Opening of Exhibition at Nelson Mandela Mthata Museum July 19, 2008

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In this message, Nelson Mandela welcomes us to an exhibition opening at the Mthala Musuem. He hopes that the exhibit will be visited by children. He hopes this will inspire them to gain the knowledge needed to realize their true potential.


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We are delighted to greet you at the launch of this important exhibition.

Indeed, it is an honour for us to be sharing this exhibition platform with a person of the calibre of Mrs Rosa Parks, who is recognised as the mother of the US Civil Rights movement.

Another great American, W E Dubois, warned that the problem of the last century was the problem of the colour line.

We tried to remove the prism of race from the way people look at the world.

Mrs Parks and I had other things in common. Among the most precious was the gift of receiving letters from children around the world. Children are so honest, uncomplicated full of love. We often say that children are our future, but they are also our present and our past.

If we can bring knowledge to children, we can help them realise their true potential.

I hope that many children will have the opportunity to visit this exhibition.

Thank you to all concerned for bringing history to life in Qunu

Courtesy of Nelson Mandela Foundation

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Opening of Exhibition at Nelson Mandela Mthata Museum- July 19, 2008

- Nelson Mandela
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