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Melissa McCarthy's Emmys Acceptance Speech for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series September 18, 2011

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Melissa McCarthy tearfully accepts her award for her performance in the comedy Mike & Molly at the 2011 Emmy Awards.


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ANNOUNCER: I just want to say girls - everyone is a winner - and I know you're going to go on to serve this body with distinction. And the Emmy goes to...Melissa McCarthy!

MELISSA: Holy Smokes! Wow! It's my first and best pageant ever! Oh my God - there's so many pe- stop that clock! - Uh, there's so many people I want to thank. Oh my God my sweet, lovely husband Ben; I wish you were here; he's not. My lovely sister Margie is here. I'm sorry I'm a crier!

My Mom and Dad who supported me forever and shouldn't have and just said 'keep doing what you're doing.' I'm from Plainville, Illinois and I'm standing here and it's kind of amazing.

I work with the best cast and the best crew and I love them all. And Chuck Laurie fought for me. And Peter Roth you are like a handsome cheerleader in a suit. Nina Tassler, Les Moonves I'm gonna carry you both around tonight for a while.

Um, oh my God our writers - Mark Roberts - writing your beautiful little funny weird plays for us, and the cast I love you all so much. I go to work - I show up early like a dork, everyday because I kinda can't wait to see people. Vivi you can go to bed now. Georgie, I love you. And, oh God I know I'm forgetting somebody, I don't have my list. Anybody I forgot I just want to say thank you. Holy smokes!

Courtesy of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

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Melissa McCarthy's Emmys Acceptance Speech for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series- September 18, 2011

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