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Address to Virginia's 1st Brigade February 21, 2003

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Stephen Lang plays the role of General Stonewall Jackson in "Gods and Generals," a dedicated military servant who inspires his brigade to live up to its name for the sake of independence.


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Throughout the broad extent of the country through which you have marched, by your respect for the rights and property of others, you have always shown you are soldiers not only to defend, but able and willin' both to defend and protect. You've already won the brilliant reputation throughout the army of the whole confederacy.

And I trust in the future by your deeds in the field, and by the assistance of the same, kind Providence who has hitherto favored our cause you will win more victories and add luster to the reputation you now enjoy. You already gained a proud position in the future history of this, our Second War of Independence.

I shall look with anxiety to your future movements. And I trust whenever I shall hear of the 1st Brigade on the field of battle, it will be of still nobler deeds achieved and higher reputation won.

In the Army of the Shenandoah you were 1st Brigade!

In the Army of the Potomac you were the 1st Brigade!

In the 2nd Corps of this Army you are the 1st Brigade!

You are the 1st Brigade in the affections of your General.

And I hope by your future deeds and bearing, you will be handed down to posterity as the 1st Brigade, in this, our Second War of Independence.


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Address to Virginia's 1st Brigade- February 21, 2003

- Stonewall Jackson
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