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Message to the Dadoo Centenary Celebrations September 1, 2009

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In this message, Nelson Mandela pays tribute to Dr. Yusuf Dadoo in the Dadoo Centenary celebration.


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We are honoured to contribute to these centenary celebrations. Dr Yusuf Dadoo was one of the giants of our country's struggle for freedom. It is appropriate that his life's work be remembered in this way. As a leader in the Indian Congress, in the Communist Party and in the African National Congress, his vision and force of example inspired us, and he was revered both in the country and internationally. We should never forget his legacy.

We are indebted to him and we pay tribute to him and the other leaders who ushered in the important new phase of our struggle which emerged in the 1940s. An unswerving commitment to non-racialism, to unity in action and to the safeguarding of the interests of all oppressed people became the cornerstones of our movement as we confronted the challenges of the apartheid era. These should remain the cornerstones of our endeavours to build a united, democratic nation.

Dr Dadoo and the other leaders of his generation were the founders of a democratic South Africa. We salute them on this occasion of the centenary of Dr Dadoo's birth. It is our wish that South Africans continue to be inspired by their example as our country confronts new challenges in the twenty-first century.

I thank you.

NR Mandela

Courtesy of Nelson Mandela Foundation

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Message to the Dadoo Centenary Celebrations- September 1, 2009

- Nelson Mandela
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