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Conservative Party Election Broadcast June 7, 1983

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Margaret Thatcher's TV broadcast for the election encourages the people to continue supporting the conservative party as it continues the path to progress that she helped pave for the British citizens.


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VOICE OVER: Less than five years ago, we in Britain no longer believed we still had any right to think of ourselves as a world leader. But that has changed - because of one woman, who believed that our country, our people could do more than we'd dreamed possible for many, many years, and much more than we thought possible in 1979.

Do you remember what it was like then in the winter of discontent? When Britain had come almost to a standstill as strike followed strike? Abroad they joked about the British disease, but here it was not amusing.

Everybody knew that it couldn't go on like this. Margaret Thatcher promised that it needn't, that Britain could change for the better. But could it? Let's see.

When the mine leaders said

Courtesy of Margaret Thatcher Foundation

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Source: HM Government

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Conservative Party Election Broadcast- June 7, 1983

- Margaret Thatcher
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