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Speech to Conservative Family Rally at Wembley June 7, 1987

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At the Conservative Family Rally, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher addresses the people and talks about how conservatives would work to gain freedom and peace for all the citizens. She says that through the conservative party, violence will be abolished and the national defense will be strengthened to protect the people.


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Mr. Chairman, Fellow Conservatives.

I know that the Chairman has already thanked our very distinguished guests who have come here to be with us today. I'd like to add my personal thanks to you, for all the trouble some of you have taken especially to be with us on this rather important day, to say what an inspiration it is and how much it means to me personally.

Thank you very much. (Applause)

But of course what you really went to know is whether I'm Janet Brown or not. (Laughter.)

I hope you might each a conclusion by the end of speech.


Now this is the third time I've come to Wembley on the Sunday before polling day.

Each time, four days later, we won. (Cheers and applause) And in the presence of great cricketers, I ask shall we go for the hat trick? (shorts of

Courtesy of Margaret Thatcher Foundation

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Source: HM Government

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Speech to Conservative Family Rally at Wembley- June 7, 1987

- Margaret Thatcher
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