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Tim's Father of the Bride Speech October 20, 2007

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Tim thanks all the guests and shares how his daughter and wife, hand-in-hand, took care of the wedding preparations.


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Good evening. I am the very proud father of the bride.

On behalf of my wonderful wife, Judi, and Aime and Chris or Chris and Aime Oberheim, whichever one you want to do it, and Dotty and Mike Oberheim - where are they? There they are - we want to welcome you tonight. I know you guys have spent a lot of time and money to come and help us celebrate this tonight and we do really appreciate it. Hotel rooms, presents, you know, guests, plane fare - we do appreciate it.

But I wanted to, first of all, say something to Aime and Chris whose whirlwind started in February when he called and said, "I'm getting married!" and then Aime cried and then Judi started to cry and I started transferring money from my saving account (laughter) and then I started to cry. (laughter)

But it's all been - It's all been beautiful the whole thing. And I've got to really thank Aime for all of this tonight. She did majority of the work. You know, she's an artist and everything's just beautiful. Someone who's beautiful - she's beautiful. But she couldn't have done it without my wife, Judi. They were hand in hand throughout the whole thing. Everyday they talk, sometimes two, three times a day. One thing Judi told me, she said, "Boy, I'll be glad when this is just - it gets here - and eveything's relaxed." Well, it's here, you can relax. You've done a beautiful job. Judi did say one thing though, she said, "I'm gonna miss her when it's over because Aime and I talk everyday and I'm gonna miss that."

Anyway, congratulations. But she couldn't have done it with a little more help. Stephanie, she did a fantastic job. With her two young - she's got two kids, young kids and she still helped us almost everyday as much as she could. We do appreciate that, Stephanie. Elizabeth, I'll put the shower and you'll appreciate that. And we do have Dotty who did the flowers. Thank you Dotty, they're beautiful, appreciate it.

Courtesy of kdoberheim

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