Abraham Lincoln: Cooper Union Address

February 27, 1860 (about 160 years ago)

For his first political speech in New York, Abraham Lincoln delivers what one might call the speech that led him to the presidency. In this convincing speech, he talks about the positions the founding fathers took on the issue of slavery. He then defends the Republican party from the southerner's...

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Thomas Jefferson: Fourth Annual Message

November 8, 1804 (over 215 years ago)

President Thomas Jefferson speaks of the Louisiana Purchase, becoming indispensable to Indian nations comfort so as to maintain peace, foreign relations with Tripoli and the nation's finances.

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George Washington: Veto Message on Congressional Redistricting

April 5, 1792 (about 228 years ago)

President George Washington issues the first-ever Presidential veto in returning a redistricting bill to Congress due to inconsistencies with the Constitution.

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Thomas Jefferson: Second Inaugural Address

March 4, 1805 (about 215 years ago)

In his second inaugural address, President Thomas Jefferson defends the value of the Louisiana Purchase, argues against those who think the Native Americans are better off maintaining their traditional ways, and takes comfort in the general public's ability to see through and counter the defamati...

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James Buchanan: Inaugural Address

March 4, 1857 (about 163 years ago)

In his inaugural address, President James Buchanan stresses the incalculable damage that would come from the union breaking apart over the question of slavery, emphasizing how a free trade between north, south, east and west has allowed the US to prosper. He gives thanks and shows support for im...

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Barack Obama: President Obama Visits Buchenwald Concentration Camp

June 4, 2009 (almost 11 years ago)

Barack Obama's tour to the Buchenwald Concentration Camp further impressed upon him the evil that is in man which in turn led to the good in others to surface.

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Source: The White House

Shashi Tharoor: Why Nations Should Pursue "Soft" Power

November 1, 2009 (over 10 years ago)

In this convincing talk, Shashi Tharoor tells us about why nations should pursue Soft power. He talks about Soft power and makes India his prime example. He gives us his arguments on India's communications, Bollywood, and being an open society. He describes what Soft power can do and the results ...

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Source: TED

Martin Van Buren: First Inaugural Address

March 4, 1837 (about 183 years ago)

In his inaugural address, President Martin Van Buren celebrates the success of the country's first half-century. Van Buren also squarely states his stance - upon which he campaigned - to defend slavery in the face of increased agitations by abolitionists.

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