George Washington: Proclamation of Militia Service

September 25, 1794 (over 225 years ago)

President George Washington calls on militias of multiple states to quell an uprising in Western Pennsylvania (The Whiskey Rebellion) to insure that a small proportion of the United States shall not dictate to the whole Union and order will be restored.

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Andrew Jackson: Third Annual Message to Congress

December 6, 1831 (over 188 years ago)

After addressing the state of foreign affairs, President Jackson focuses on efforts to remove Indians from their lands - events that came to be referred to as the "Trail of Tears".

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Mahatma Gandhi: It Is Time You Left

December 8, 1982 (over 37 years ago)

Mahatma Gandhi, played by Ben Kingsley in the film "Gandhi" speaks to members of the British government encouraging them to leave the country and pave the way for India's Independence.

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George Washington: Farewell Address

September 19, 1796 (over 223 years ago)

In an incredible speech, President George Washington announces that he will not seek a third term - noting that he had desired to retire after just one term, but had stayed on because the country was not yet stable enough for his conscience to allow it. He expounds upon the value that all parts ...

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Thomas Jefferson: Instructions to Captain Lewis

June 20, 1803 (almost 217 years ago)

President Thomas Jefferson outlines the objectives for the Lewis and Clark expedition, in particular to explore the waterways that would allow for commerce to reach the Pacific Ocean. In intricate detail, Jefferson outlines how Lewis and Clark should take notes and guard them from destruction, e...

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Barack Obama: Address at the New Economic School in Moscow

July 7, 2009 (almost 11 years ago)

Barack Obama speaks to the graduates of The New Economic School in Moscow, Russia.

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Source: The White House

Thomas Jefferson: Seventh Annual Message

October 27, 1807 (over 212 years ago)

In a speech referencing many historical events, President Thomas Jefferson speaks to Congress of the British's attack on the frigate Chesapeake, and the accompanying need to reinforce the nations militia and navy. He also speaks on Indian affairs and the thwarted treasonous acts of Aaron Burr.

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John Adams: Proclamation of Pardons to Those Engaged in Fries Rebellion

May 21, 1800 (almost 220 years ago)

After peace had been restored following the third tax-related rebellion in the 18th century, John Adams extends a pardon to those 'ignorant, misguided and misinformed' participants.

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Abraham Lincoln: Second Annual Message to Congress

December 1, 1862 (over 157 years ago)

In Abraham Lincoln's Second Annual Message to Congress, he delivers a profound speech. He begins with updates regarding foreign affairs, finances, and currency. He also reports about the civil war, public lands, and the creation of the Department of Agriculture. He then presents to congress a rad...

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Abraham Lincoln: Fourth Annual Message to Congress

December 6, 1864 (over 155 years ago)

In Abraham Lincoln's Fourth Annual Message to Congress, he reaffirms his resolve that the country continue to prosper in spite of the civil war. He starts with the reports from the different parts of the government including foreign affairs, finance, immigration, military strength, Indian affairs...

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